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Android Market gets Direct AT&T Payment Option

Google’s Android Developers have just announced on their blog that the Android Market has just added AT&T Direct Carrier Billing. AT&T’s Android  Customers can now easily purchase apps  and other products with just a few clicks. This is really a handy option that will enhance the Android Markets new “app discover features” that have made the Marketplace a lot easier to use.

We’ve been rolling out Direct Carrier Billing to all AT&T users over the past several days, as part of a general update to the Market service. Also in the update, please watch for the arrival of new features we announced recently, including the 15-minute refund window, dynamic Wallpaper and Widget categories, new 50MB max .apk size, and more. In addition, we’ve added even more categories to make it easier to find great apps in popular categories, such as “Media & Video”, “Music & Audio”, “Business”, “Sports” (in "Games"), and more. If you have one or more published apps on Android Market, please take a look at these new categories and decide if they are more suitable for your products.”

This makes AT&T the second to get some Android Market direct billing goodness after T-Mobile launched earlier this month. The real question is when is Verizon, arguably the best US Carrier at backing Android and carrying a wide range of devices going to get a direct billing option?

We strongly believe carrier billing is a great way to make it easy for users to purchase and pay for applications. In addition to the availability of AT&T and T-Mobile US carrier billing, we’ll continue to partner with more carriers to offer carrier billing options for their subscribers.”

No word yet but we will keep you posted when Big Red and Sprint get the hook up as well. For now AT&T and T-Mobile users enjoy the new Direct Billing option available to you on your Android Devices!