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Android N1 Youtube Client HQ by Default Tweak [root]

I’ll be kicking off my series of root-required things you can do and instructions on how to do it with a Youtube trick. These will all require rooted phones unless otherwise specified, so if you didn’t root your phone but want to, just google how to root [your phone model] and pick a link for instructions and execute them. Hint, you’ll want the Android SDK. Don’t bother trying this unless you know your phone is rooted.

Want to watch Youtube videos in high quality by default though having the option to ramp down to regular if you don’t have enough bandwidth? No sweat. Developer jonasl only knows that it works on the Nexus One but speculates that it may work on other devices provided they are running Android 2.0 or higher. If you don’t have a Nexus but are feeling adventurous, make a backup copy of /system/app/YouTube.apk on your SD chip first.

Grab this modified YouTube.apk, drop it in the tools subdirectory of your Android SDK directory, get into a command prompt on the computer, cd into that directory (for me it’s K:android-sdk-windowstools) hook up your phone, type adb devices to make sure your system’s recognizing your phone and then:

adb remount
adb push YouTube.apk /system/app/YouTube.apk

Done. Pic related, the sort of thing you’d find on Youtube.

Doug Simmons