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Angry At The Birds–Simple Fun For WP7

I just downloaded the trial of Angry At The Birds and I have to say – pretty entertaining stuff. It’s a mix of Ninja Fruit and Duck Hunt except the thing you’re killing are those birds (yup, role reversal from Angry Birds). The game progresses pretty quickly, but if a bird is flying you need to throw a ball at it (so you need to throw just out in front of it to time it). If the bird is catapulted out from the bottom of the screen then you need to slice it. At the same time, you need to avoid the bunnies. I’ve put two minutes of paly into it but I’m already impressed. Great graphics, smooth gameplay and the concept works. You’re slicing and throwing things. It’s got a lot going on while still being simple. Anyway, there’s a free trial or it’s available for $1.29 to own.