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Angry Birds Sequel Announced

I haven’t told many people but I did in fact get the iPhone 4 a few weeks ago. Yes, David, Ramon, and the rest of the team  have launched a full scale assault on me and the jokes have been non ending. I have NEVER owned anything but a WinMo device so it has been a lot of uncharted water and a new learning curve. I will say I have really enjoyed the device and plan to keep it. Will I be getting anything else, yes. But for now I am having fun with other device platforms. One of the first apps I downloaded was Angry Birds. Yes, it is amazingly addictive! I have played it non stop and finally beat all of the levels. (Some I have to go back and try for the three stars) But I am ready for more! As I was looking around I came across an announcement that there will in fact be a sequel to the very successful Angry Birds!

Rovio CEO Peter Vesterbacka has made a few announcements and one of them being the sequel to Angry Birds with a new twist: "we want to surprise people. No one has told the story from the pigs point of view". Peter also disclosed that: "Multiplayer Angry Birds will be like old school Worms games", he said. "Multiplayer is a priority, but we have not determined the best way for our players to experience it yet".

Other exciting Angry Birds news comes from the development of the game on other platforms like PS3, Xbox, and Wii. The Angry Birds franchise will also be making it’s way to Facebook: "Most of Rovio’s investment is going towards a Facebook game", he said (via a tweet from @snowcrashed). "Not Angry Birds, but in the same world. Also film/TV show coming".

So if you are looking for more Angry Birds, stay tuned as we can count on more in the near future!

[via: Pocket Lint]