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Nightly Roundup Of WP7 Apps

Man these things are everywhere!:) Got a few for you tonight. I’m starting with my favorite. It’s called PriceCheck and was written for Imagine Cup 2010. Based on your location it will give you price checks (including bar code scanning and checking the web), gas prices, restaurants and even store those club card codes. Slick interface too:

Let’s go w

Let’s go with a game next. It’s called Vizati and it’s an XNA game that was originally designed for Xbox/PC but of course, that’s one of the things that’s great about WP7…just port it over. It’s a strategy/puzzle game. Looks great:

OK back to apps. Next up is a golf leader board app. pretty straightforward but it does what was promised. More info on it here.

And’ let’s end with a game. Goo Splat- a Zune game they ported over. That’s why I like it…let’s see more of that:)

And as a finale it’s SaveMe. An app meant to send an SMS message/call/tweet/anything out that can include your location so if bad stuff is about to start you can send a mass message to get help promptly before it happens and it will continue to update your location as needed.

Not a bad day…

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