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Angry Birds Trilogy coming to XBox

2011_12_finland-angry-birds-dressWhen something becomes a massive cultural phenomenon, what happens to it?  It Goes EVERYWHERE!  Or, in the words of the Schwartzmaster Yogurt, “Moichendising!”

I can play Angry Birds on Facebook, Google, my Kindle Fire, my WP7 HTC Surround, with my son’s physical board (well, plastic pieces) game, even with books with my son’s 6” plush toys (yeah, he’s got 1 blue bird, and wants to get 2 more so they can “split”).  Teens make YouTube videos of Angry Birds, for goodness sake!  And don’t forget that embassy ball gown.

So of course, Angry Birds Trilogy is coming to the XBox, with refined, for-HD graphics and Kinect controls.  It WILL NOT be an XBLA title, so you’ll have to buy it retail. for $39.99.  That will get you the original Angry Birds, Angry Birds Rio, and Angry Birds Seasons. Other additions will be character profiles, cinematics, animated backgrounds, lighting effects, “and more.”

Angry Birds Trilogy will be released by Activision.  (Why do I have a strange vision of an 8-bit Angry Bird flying over a muddy pit on a jungle vine?)

I don’t have an XBox (yet…), so I know I’ll be passing on this for the moment.  What about you: are you not yet tried of Angry Birds that you’d get this for yourself (or your kids)?