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Annoy Teens and Teach Dogs…The Phone Edition

Some of you may remember the press coverage surrounding the release of the Mosquito which was originally a high pitched sound meant to keep teens from loitering. The thing is, that this sound can only be heard by younger people and as you get older your hearing degrades. So the intention was to make a device emit a noise that was annoying only to teens. Well in the end things got turned around and kids used the noise as a way to communicate without adults hearing them. Ok, that was more than enough history:) If you would like the dog whistle/mosquito sound on your phone all you need to do is download hermanm’s Dog Whistle. You can set the frequency and it will emit a sound at that level. Depending on how old you are, you may not hear anything but it’s working so go find some young kids, set your volume to high and watch what happens:)  Of course, the mosquito sounds is also a dog whistle (thus the name of the app) so aside from annoying teens and testing if you’re old you can actually use this for its intended purpose – to teach Rusty to get you beer:)

And speaking of beer when you teach Rusty to get you a beer don’t forget to buy one for Hermanm as well:)Thanks again hermanm – you just keep the good apps flowing!:)