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BoxWave Has Lumia 900 Accessories At Reasonable Prices

After seeing the price on AT&T’s official Nokia Lumia 900 accessories it led to some searching for cheaper alternatives that would be available now. To remind you, the gel cases and bumpers are $20 and Zagg Shield is $30. To begin with, the Zagg Shield is $25 on Zagg’s site and if you just want the screen protector (not full body) it’s $15 so you save by not buying through AT&T. But if you want more options enter BoxWave. They have a few nice options. There’s a screen protector for $6 (cut to the screen size and a 3 pack is $13), a clear gel case for $17  and black for $18 (of course sized to fit the phone) and there are some styluses that look like the color will match will with the Lumias.

I’m sure as there’s more noise and the Lumia launches there will be more accessories but if you’re trying to prepare for when it arrives you may want to jump the gun and get some accessories in advance.