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AoE III First Ever Real Time Multiplayer Strategy Game on N-Gage

If you’ve ever played Ages of Empires on the PC and then experienced it on your phone, you know it’s just not the same: gameplay’s slower, maps are extremely smaller, and the computer just isn’t that difficult to beat. But AoE loving N-Gagers are in luck! Glu Mobile Inc. just announced the launch of AoE III with the following features:

  • Historically Immersive Setting – Protect Western Europe from the Ottoman Empire
  • Real-Time Strategy – Use battle strategy and resource management to conquer rival colonies and build the ultimate empire
  • Multiplayer – New skirmish mode features real time OTA (over the air) multiplayer for the first time on any strategy game on N-Gage
  • New Skirmish Maps
  • New animated introduction sequence
  • Enhanced In-Game Graphics – New floor tiles create a more varied terrain and map edges will be comprised of stunning shorelines and mountain edges
  • Enhanced Music and Sound Effects – Creates improved atmosphere

If you don’t have N-Gage on your phone, check here to check compatibility and download. If you want to check it out, you can demo here.

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