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Apple Culture: I don’t have that issue


If you’ve ever had a non-biased conversation with me in regards to Apple, consider yourself lucky. But why the hate? It’s the culture! There has been an interesting shift in the force the last few years. Some where along the line (I know exactly when, but that is a different convo for another day) the bread and butter of Apple stop being die hard Apple fans and started to be my mom.

How could I hate my mom for loving her iPhone?! UGH! So annoying! But, there was hope. With the introduction of the iPhone 4, it seemed like everyone became a fan boy, and for good reason. The rest of the industry was sucking and the iPhone was not. Not to mention, right in the midst of it all Apple dropped the iPad. They made fan boys out of normal people, wow!

Now that the iPhone 5 is out and about, I am starting to notice a shift once again; fan boys are becoming consumers once again. People are starting to realize Apple isn’t the holy they said they were. Now my mom doesn’t want the iPhone 5, YES!

Its just me and the real fan boys yet again. But how do you ID these fruit crusaders? You show them an article with the iPhone 5 having Wifi issues and immediately they say, “I don’t have that issue.” You show them an article on the scratches on the iPhone 5 right out of the box and they say right away, “Mine was fine.” You show the pictures with purple tint and they respond, “I don’t have that issue.”

So what do you do? Well, you chuckle and simply ask, “Well if you’re not having that issue, and everyone you know doesn’t have that issue, then who is? And why is the genius bar always a 40 minute wait?”

Ah yes, this my friends, is what is known as “The Apple Culture.”

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