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Apple Using iOS 8.1.1 To Close Jailbreak Loophole

Looks like Apple is getting ready to release a small bug squashing update to iOS 8 in the form of iOS 8.1.1. The update itself has been a little strange as Apple seldom puts small updates into their beta program for developers but since iOS 8.0.1 did not roll out smoothly it could be the reason why. Perhaps a bigger reason for this update could be to close the loophole that the Pangu Jailbreak developers have been exploiting for some time now. According to a user on Reddit:

Just got back from work and we were told in a meeting today that a public update to 8.1.1 will be distributed within this week. Just a heads up to us Apple Associates for common troubleshooting scenarios we might come across from our customers. I advise you to update to 8.1 now before the window closes!

It’s no secret nothing get’s on Apple’s nerves more than the Jailbreak community and it’s impact on sales to the App Store, so Apple has been ever vigilant to close the loopholes jailbreak developers have worked tirelessly to exploit. If the Reddit user is correct, you should jailbreak soon (at our own risk of course) and do not update to iOS 8.1.1 until it is confirmed that the loophole has been closed and the jailbreak is no longer functional.

The jailbreak battle rages on.

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