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Apple fires the man in charge of iOS6 Maps

Whoa there, what have we here? Something so cold you might think Sir Steve was at the helm again?! iOS6 had its fair share of issues, perhaps the biggest being the share boredom, but the completely half baked maps solution did nothing to help the clout of the new iOS iteration.

Perhaps iOS6 Maps really wasn’t that bad, but the absence and unavailability of Google maps forced people to adopt to the maps wheatear they liked it or not. Turns out they didn’t like it, not one bit. Directions were terrible, landmarks were off and on and on the issues went. Finally, Apple’s own Tim Cook had to step in to issue and apology and recommend users to alternative mapping solutions available on the platform, yes indeed, that included Bing… ooooh the irony!

So what of it now? Well, reportedly, Apple has fired a gentleman by the name of Richard Williamson. Who is he? None other than the man in charge of the iOS6 Mapping experience. Ouch! This is something we haven’t seen in Apple for a while. I would love to know who actually made that call, was it Tim Cook? If so… attaboy Tim, Steve is rolling a little less in his grave now! But wait, hold on! Who else might be in hot water? Someone please get Apple on the batline, tell them Ramon said to tell the Apple TV, Mobile ME and any other team who has nothing to do with iPhone or iPad heads will be rolling soon! Let them know Tim isn’t playing and will not settle for half assed solutions.

I don’t know who this Richard Williamson guy is, but any man with two first names can’t be that bad of a person. I wish him well on his job search, may he NOT use iOS6 maps to guide him to the next chapter.