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Sheepsville most admired village this side of Apple Maps?

Sheepsville most admired village this side of apple maps

According to appleinsider, and I say “according” because I want to point fingers, Apple has been crowned “Most Admired” company for the 6th time in a row! WOW! Crowned by whom you ask? The folks at the coveted Fortune establishment, who else?

Upon further investigation, the article to followed was a bit of a joke, leading with “Apple has had a rough time lately with its stock price in a free fall and the widely publicized failure of its Maps feature. – See more at:

HA! Just about the biggest blunder in technology right now, is to be excused as it it never happened? As if it is NOT currently happening as we speak? How does the sinking of the Titanic not seem like…. oh that’s right, its still sinking, it still needs to simmer a bit. Well, a company who calls their new iPad “the new iPad,” then turns around and sells me three iPads in one year, followed by a less than impressive iPhone 5, only to drive sales of the iPhone 4S through the roof, all the while over charging for a more fruitful Nexus 7, putting people’s lives in danger with faulty half ass navigation software, mistreating employees and having those same employees mistreat customer data and property and still can’t find a way to keep a lockscreen locked… will force me to write the longest run on sentence in history!

And when I am done running on, and I would have started a new paragraph, there STILL will be NOTHING admirable about Apple, post-Steve Bobs at least. You want to know what is admirable? A company call Microsoft with a steep hill to climb, a great product and the balls to keep it going. A company formally known as RIM fighting the mindshare and claiming what was once theirs. A company called Google with wacky glasses and a small piece of skytell called Google Now. That’s admirable… other than that, sorry, the fruit parade is over.