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Apple Getting a FCC Shakedown Over Google Voice App

FCC, Federal Communication Commissions, has finally stepped into the battle between Google and Apple/ATT over the rejection of the Google’s voice application. The Google voice application would have provided Iphone users with an application that allows them to make VOIP calls using their data (mandatory for Iphones with a contract) or WIFI connection basically bypassing ATT. The app would have pretty much allowed people to talk on their phones and not be charged minutes on their ATT account. However, ATT fearing they would lose money over this probably asked Apple to reject the app and to remove any other third party VOIP or Google voice apps that were already accepted. Apple swiftly responded to ATT’s plea and rejected the Goggle app and removed all other third party apps that supported VOIP. So, FCC stepped in to figure out what is going on and why the app was rejected. A recent FCC letter to Apple lays out 6 main questions to Apple and asked for a response by August 21st, 2009. The FCC specifically asks Apple, “Why did Apple reject Google Voice Application for the Iphone?”. It also asks, “Did Apple act alone, or in contention with ATT?” and also asks Apple a very interesting question “What is the percentage of applications that are rejected? What are the main reasons for rejecting an application?” This is just a sample of the questions the FCC asked and if you are interested in the entire letter, which is really fun to read, it is after the break. I can’t wait for Apple’s responses.

Hope Apple does not make us wait until August 21st for its response.


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