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Microsoft suing Motorola Mobility for infringing on it’s Euro Patents

Have you ever wondered what Smartphones might cost if manufacturers weren’t forced to spend millions of defending and suing for infringement rights cases? We have been following the Apple vs. Samsung war being waged in Germany over the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 which made headlines all the way down under in Australia where they heard a similar suit brought forth by Apple as well. That was so yesterdays news, so Today we have the worlds largest software maker Microsoft suing Motorola Mobility, who is in the process of being acquired by Google, for infringement on it’s European Patents.

Specifically, the case being brought forth today in Germany revolves around Moto using Redmond’s technology for sending short messages with an unlimited amount of characters. Moto denies this saying that they use a two step process where MS uses a one step. The third case involves intents notifications.

Microsoft lawyer Peter Hess has said that the German suit is but a small part of the litigation MS is bring against Moto and that there is a much more sizeable lawsuit already in process here in the US. However, Google, is still in the process of writing a 12.5 billion dollar check for Motorola Mobility, will not allow settlement until the Google deal is done: “Motorola Mobility cannot settle as long as Google hasn’t gained control, so talks here don’t make much sense.”

Stay tuned and we’ll keep you posted on this and other developing law suits between MS and Moto.

Thanks Rama!