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Apple Holding iPhone 6 Event September 9th

You can see tons of mock up images and rumored leaked photos of the iPhone 6. You can even buy cases for them months before the release. But on September 9th it gets real as Apple will send front man Tim Cook out to show the world why you need to buy the latest and greatest iPhone. With the iPhone 5, we finally got some more screen real estate to  play with but it was only half of what many iPhone users have been begging for years to get. The screen size moved from 3.5 inches to 4 inches but only the height was adjusted. The width of the iPhone was left in tact so you could still wrap your stubbly little digits around it for one hand operation. The iPhone 5S and 5C also has the skinny screen that was .5 inches longer. Now, if rumors hold true we will see the 4.7 inch screen which promises to widen the keyboard up so fat fingered texters like me can get some much needed relief! Also, we wait for the live demo of iOS 8. Widgets and perhaps even third party keyboards like Swype will be introduced as well. It has been so long since I used Swype and the thought brings tears to my eye. So if Timmy is taking the wraps off on the 9th of September we could see the new iPhone 6 as early as the 16th. So get your lawn chairs out for the much anticipated  first one in line on release day honors that you know will be widely covered in the press.