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Irritate Your Friends With This iMessage Trick!

How many times have you been in an iMessage conversation with someone and noticed that little icon right after your message that indicates that they are responding back to you? You wait and wait and it seems that the longer you wait the more excited you become thinking that this is going to be the message of a lifetime! Some things that possibly float through your mind when the three little dots flashing in sequence display could be:

Honey! I just won the lottery and I am at the GM Dealership buy you that 2014 Corvette you wanted!

Daddy, I knew you were busy so I cut the lawn myself!

Walter, we recognize your tremendous commitment and performance at your job and wanted to give you a substantial salary raise!

Yeah, well that never seems to happen does it? It’s always LOL, IKR, HAHAHA, or some dumbass emoticon. The funny thing about the mentioning of my son cutting the lawn is that his response would be “maybe”.

Now it is your turn to torture your friends and family with an easy to do trick in your iMessage conversation that will keep the other person guessing as to what you are going to say! It’s just a simple animated image of the iMessage icon for a pending response that you can save to your phone and post in any iMessage conversation. It will keep flashing those three dots in sequence FOREVER! The other person will believe that you are typing the greatest response message ever that will never ever be delivered irritating the dawg mess out of them! (Note: If you do not see me writing anymore the wife has terminated my life because of this!)

All you have to do is head on over to:

Save the image to your photo gallery and use whenever you want! Too easy!