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Apple Introduces the iPad Smart Case that Looks Familiar

apple-smart-case-greenSuperseding the less than impressive Apple Smart Cover for the iPad 2, Apple on the same day as the WWDC has announced the new Smart Case for the iPad. When I originally purchased the Apple iPad 2 there was not a an availability of covers at launch to protect my investment. So I did what a lot of people did and buy the Apple Smart Cover. I was not a fan and it has sat in my closet of gadgets ever since. Then, a short time later OtterBox released the Defender and the  Reflex Series Cases which took over full time duty. OtterBox was quick to release a upgraded version of the Defender for the New iPad which is my full time guardian of the iPad.

aviiqcaseSo then after the iPad 2 is released a company AViiq On the Go came out with this pretty cool case that picked up where the Apple Smart Cover Left Off. I even called the article that. It is a pretty cool case with lots of colors to chose from the protects the rear of your device as well as the front and has the same foldable stand idea.

Jump 11 months to yesterday and Apple releases a new version of their Smart Cover called the Smart Case. Looking almost identical to the AViiq case mentioned above. Of course Apple will offer free laser engraving with this new case that will cost you $49.99. It will wake when you open it, sleep when you close it like before. Makes for a nice stand for media viewing and typing. And has a polyurethane design.


The Apple Smart Case is available today and comes in a variety of colors like the AViiq and will fit the iPad 2 or 3, oops I mean New iPad. Sorry Habit.