Earlier today, OnLive released a new application for the iPad (soon to be released for other devices, computers, and TVs as well). It’s a FREE app which gives you silky smooth access to a Windows 7 Cloud virtual machine which is fully Touch enabled. It’s loaded with Office Software like Work, Excel, and Powerpoint, and a few touch related demos. I could spit out some specs and facts, or I can just show it running on my iPad.

Guess which I choose to do?

There are pro user rates and free user limits and blah dee blah blah.. All anyone really should care about is the fact that it works so amazingly well compared to other remote desktop applications like LogMeIn or Splashtop. If there were a solution for consumers on personal computers that worked like this, I would buy it as soon as it were available. ¬†Of course, I’d like it to be universal to any VM, not just Windows… but that’s just me.

Check out the official OnLive Desktop Page.

Get the iPad app here: iTunes Link

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