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Apple iPad 2 to have Retina Display?

I have been Luke warm on whether or not to get the iPad. I got the apple iPhone 4 a few weeks ago and have been enjoying the experience short of missing my 4.3 inch screen from my HD2 horribly. Aside from that, it is a pretty decent device. So what about the iPad? I am head first into the Apple experience so it seemed logical to give it a try. so as I was doing some digging the reports of the new apple iPad coming out early next year stalled my motivation to get one. (I’m NOT buying two of these!) So naturally I wanted to see what the new iPad was going to come equipped with. According to DigiTimes citing a Chinese-language Economy Daily News (EDN) report, Apple is going to be adding 5 new features: Retina Display (wow), front facing camera for Facetime (expected), A thinner iPhone 4 glass build, 3 axis gyroscope, and USB Port.  The USB port would be a pretty cool add, let’s hope this one gets on the official build sheet.

That’s all for now, but we will keep you posted on the latest developments on the new Apple iPad 2. In the mean time, drop a comment on what you think. The iPad 2 for you or are you waiting for a WP7 Tablet to come out?

[via BGR]

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