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Will Apple’s iPen Stylus Ever Happen?

On Thursday it was discovered by Patently Apple that Apple has  been hard at work on the iPen, a haptic feedback stylus that would compliment their tablet range of products better known as the iPad. (you’ve heard about that right?) So now some more information comes to light as we have a diagram of what the iPen will be made out of which indicates perhaps some of Apple’s intentions for the product. With a built in mini-speaker and and advanced haptics, the iPen would be able to feel brush strokes and line thicknesses which could then tell the writer that they are making a big mistake or coloring outside the lines. Why not give the voice of Siri to the pen and that way she can tell you that that she has no idea what gazpacho really is! Maybe she just gets things right for Samuel Jackson?  It’s not certain if we will ever see the iPen, but with Apple’s emphasis on the iPad being a learning tool as well as Social Phenomena, it seems like a good fit. Doctors and transcribers might also find it handy. In any case, check out the diagrams and we’ll keep you posted if the iPen, ever makes it to market.