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Apple Maps Compared To Bing Maps, iPhone 5 vs. Lumia 920 continues

The good folks at UKmobilereview took the time out to do a very detailed comparison  between the now famous (not in a good way) iOS 6 Maps and Bing Maps. The findings may surprise some, but giving the flak Apple has been getting around here these days, it only make sense. The battle between the iPhone 5 and the soon to be released Lumia 920 continues!

Final Score

So here’s how they stack up after being torn apart in our comparison. Remember the scores below are a sum of the individual scores across each of the five sections. So here’s the scores:

Nokia Maps – 43 out of 50
Apple Maps – 24 out of 50

Wow I’m going to be honest and say the Apple Maps score shocks even me. When writing this, I didn’t work out the overall score until the end, in an effort to add impartiality. I’ve been brutal to Apple Maps and the simple reason is that Apple want Apple Maps to replace the competition and have been pushing it to be recognised as excellent.

Unfortunately for Apple, their first attempt is really quite bad. Sure it does have some nifty features but it definitely doesn’t stack up against Nokia Maps. It’s clear that just like ‘AntennaGate’, Apple rolled out a feature without any testing or quality control. In fact, some of the Apple Maps navigation and satellite view shots are actually comical and it begs to belief how the world’s largest technology company managed to get it SO wrong.

Because they did. Apple Maps is desperately poor. Even free navigation solutions such as NavFree for iOS beat it hands down. Apple occasionally release a product that doesn’t work and try to brush over the ensuing saga. They may have got away with it in ‘AntennaGate’ but they owe everyone of their users an apology for Apple Maps. They need to either spend some of that $656 billion and buy out a location company or go cap in hand to Nokia / Google and ask for Nokia Maps / Google Maps to be released ASAP for iOS 6.

One can’t help but think that if the late Steve Jobs was CEO and Apple CEO Tim Cook wasn’t, then Apple Maps would not have been released in its current state. Go on Tim, the ball’s now in your court…


source wmpoweruser