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Apple Owners Frustrated With Pandora Update

pandora-adsI don’t think I know anyone with an iOS device that does not have Pandora on it. It seems to be the very first app most people download and is incredibly popular. The reason being that it delivers free music at their choosing based on a category or genre of your choosing. Don’t like the song? Then all you have to do is fast forward to the next song and enjoy. The problem there is you can only do it so many times before they block you saying it violates their licensing agreement. I normally switch channels and come back to that channel later when the time limit expires.

So Pandora, publically traded company that they are because of their popularity and ad based app just released an updated version to 3.2.1. It cleans up the UI and made some “adjustments” that are going over with Apple owners like a lead balloon. The ads are so massive and unrelated that it is major distraction. Subtlety is the call of the day and less is always more but for Pandora, more is better and more money is what they must be making. Another small annoyance that honestly I am not that bothered by is the volume slider is hidden and only accessed by swiping a tab up. An extra step that surely is too exhausting to be sure.

According to bean counter analyst from BTIG Richard Greenfield, 34% of the reviews on the App Store are now 1 or 2 stars. How does Wall Street take that? Pandora is down 2.3%.

Straighten up Pandora, we got lots of options!


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