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Apple to announce iPad mini on October 17, just before Win 8 launch

imageFortune is claiming that Apple is set to announce the iPad mini on October 17 (with sales starting November 2).  Of course, Windows 8 will be available on October 26, along with the new tablets that go with it. Yes, they are different devices and yes they are different price points but tell that to my mom.

Bottom line is that an inexpensive iPad will be competing with new Windows 8 tablets. You can say that consumers are uninformed. You can say the screen size is different and they have different functionalities. In the end Apple is delivering a relatively well known product (just in a different form factor) against Microsoft’s new OS and new hardware (with plenty of confusion related to what RT has and doesn’t have) and this is 100% relevant to a consumers decision.

I hate you, but well played Apple…well played