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I Played With Flashing Fire And Didn’t Get Burned

I’m not a smart person (but you knew that already). Within the last two days I’ve flashed two phones – a Pure and my HD2 and twice I thought I had bricked a phone and probably deserved bricks. On the Pure I downloaded the latest NRG ROM, extracted the zip to \NRG and went to run the .exe to start flashing. I noticed that the ActiveSync picture was a Fuze – I proceeded. Entered bootloader and it stopped, telling me the device was wrong. But how? OK, unzip it again (into the same directory) thinking that maybe it didn’t unzip right. Start flashing, see the Fuze image, keep going and it crashes again. OK, it must be that I have an older version of SPL (I saw that in some XDA thread),so I get the newest version (which requires disabling all of my antivirus software and a whole song and dance) and flash the latest SPL, go to \NRG and still showing a Fuze image and it fails to install again. What the heck? Oh in the \NRG directory was a former FUZE.nbh file…right. It turned out I had used \NRG in the past and it wasn’t a new directory so when I went to flash it was trying to flash that image. Turns out that if you try to flash the wrong device it doesn’t brick a phone. Interesting. Deleted the Fuze.nbh file and flashed it successfully.

So next up is my HD2 and I wanted the new leaked ROM. Download it, start flashing…and the program crashes during the flash. My phone is in bootloader (tricolor screen) and the software upgrade app is recovering from a crash. Windows noticed that the software may not have installed correctly. Would I like to retry? Well I have a phone in bootloader and I’m not disconnecting the USB, so sure, let’s see where this goes. And…it flashes successfully. Man I’m rusty at flashing. Probably time to get WP7 already…

Anyone else have any near death stories you want to share?