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OtterBox Defender Cases Just Got Smarter

OtterBox has just announced that they are educating their Defender Series Cases for the iPhone 4/4S (What about the 5?) with a new feature called iON Intelligence. The iON Intelligence Defender Series Case features a built in 1450mAh battery that will double your battery life.  It’s not just the extra mAh power that makes this case last longer for the iPhone power user. OtterBox has also built in software that will manage the power consumption as well as charging of the iPhone to maximize the life cycle of your iPhone while on battery power. The iON Intelligence App that comes included will monitor the battery life while predicting the amount of time you have left on battery charge. It knows when to charge your phone.

The iON Intelligence Series Defender Cases are built with the same 3 piece construction that has made the Defender Case so popular, so you can expect outstanding protection for your device as well as longer battery life.

The iON Intelligent Defender Case for the iPhone 4/4S costs $129.95 and is in stock at OtterBox. Currently Graphite (Black) is the only color offered.