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Apple WWDC Kicks Off and Tim Cook Takes Stage

Apple CEO Tim Cook has taken center stage at the World Wide Developers Conference kicking off and the first thing they always drop on us is how well is Apple doing. In this case  Apple has closed for the week and has sent over 1000 Apple Engineers to the WWDC! The App store is booming with over 400 million accounts which all are connected with a credit card. The largest number of credit cards on file in the world! Apple now has over 650,000 apps in the App Sotre and 225,000 of which are made for the iPad. Downloads? Sit down, over 30 Billion downloads in which Apple has paid over 5 Billion to it’s developers. Apple is adding 32 more countries to it’s impressive list of 120 that they do business in! That’s an impressive way to kick off the WWDC!

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