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Apple’s First Garage Built Computer Sold goes Up For Auction

Everyone knows that Steve Job’s and Steve “Woz” Wozniak started Apple in the Garage of Job’s parents house. No one knew but perhaps Job’s where this company would go and the hard times it would encounter. All that is history and as it turns out, a little bit of that history is going on sale next month. Apple’s first pre-assembled personal computer ever sold from the garage in Los Altos, California will go to auction and is valued at $400,000- $600,000.

Last month an Apple-1 built by Steve Wozniak sold for $905,000 in New York to Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan. It seems private buyers and getting squeezed out as large Institutions are getting the “relics” first. This is probably a good thing as they will be made more readily available to public to see where it all started.

Other Apple artifacts have been sold:

In 2013, Christie’s sold a 1976 Apple-1 for $387,750 and in 2010 another for 133,250 British sterling in London — $213,000 in today’s exchange rate.

Geez, and I find it hard to part with the $200 dollars to get a new iPhone every year!