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Divoom Goes Rugged with the Voombox Bluetooth Speaker

All those Bluetooth portable speakers out there are great but most have one huge flaw they’re not really portable or meant to be used outside. Yes they are small making them portable so you can take them with you but you really can’t use them outside as a little water gets on them and they’re toast. Divoom has just announced the Voombox which is meant to be taken and used everywhere and anywhere as it’s rugged and water resistant. Prices at $99.99 it has 15 watts of output power through five speakers which should make for some good and loud sound. It’s available right now and you can choose from green, red, black or blue colors and it has an impressive 12 hour battery life and even a built-in microphone.



Continuing their tradition of audio advancement, Divoom announces the launch of their Divoom Voombox Outdoor. The rechargeable, water resistant Bluetooth speaker is designed specifically for rugged conditions while offering a 12-hour battery life and a powerful 15W of output power. Portable and versatile, the Voombox Outdoor can be used in any environment indoor or out, and features a variety of colors (red, blue, black and green) to match anyone’s style. The Divoom Voombox Outdoor is available at for $99.99.

Built for the outdoors and able to handle a rugged lifestyle, the Divoom Voombox Outdoor can endure camping, fishing, backpacking and nearly any other activity thrown its way. Users can now take their music anywhere thanks to the portable speaker’s durable, water resistant design. The weatherproof speaker is equipped with the latest Bluetooth 4.0 technology, and connects wirelessly to Smartphone, tablet or any other Bluetooth device up to 32 feet. Offering the longest battery life of any speaker in the Divoom line, the Voombox Outdoor features a rechargeable battery providing 12 hours of talk/playback time. To ensure the ultimate in sound quality, the Divoom Voombox outdoor features two 2” drivers, one tweeter and two passive radiators. These five drivers deliver a clean sound pressure level, filling large rooms and outdoor areas with rich immersive sound.

An aesthetic design featuring four colors (red, blue, black and green) means the speaker looks great inside the home and office as well as outdoors. A built-in microphone lets users make and take calls wirelessly on their own or in a group. The versatility of the Voombox Outdoor allows users to enjoy music at the beach on the weekend, bring it to the office for a conference call on Monday morning and then sync it with a tablet to enjoy a movie later that night.

“People are more connected than ever before, and rarely leave the house without a Smartphone or tablet,” says Terry, VP of Marketing at Divoom. “We want to provide consumers not only with a product that enhances their daily lives, but also one that provides the quality, aesthetic and durability they desire.”

Divoom Voombox Outdoor is currently available for $99.99 USD at

Divoom Voombox Outdoor features include:

Output power: 15W (7.5W*2)

Frequency Response: 100-20000Hz

Playback Time: 12 hours

Battery Capacity: 3200mA

Battery Voltage: 3.7V

WirelessRange: Up to 10 meters

Bluetooth Compliant: Bluetooth V4.0

Bluetooth Profile support: A2DP