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Apple’s WWDC causing all kinds of rumors.

Since everyone already knows what the new iPhone looks like they’ve been left to speculate on all other sorts of non-sense.  There has been some rumblings that the rift in the Google/Apple relationship was causing some default iPhone search shake ups in the form of Bing replacing Google.  This is not small slice of the pie with mobile browsing on the upswing, which could bring Bing a good deal of market share and future viability.  The source for these rumors is now pulling back though, after their source is clarifying that the arrangment is “more complicated than this.”  I’m not sure how one could complicate the iPhone any further, but I’m intrigued to see what this means.  Default search preference splash screens similar to Microsoft’s European browser debacle?  This along with rumors of Steve Ballmer showing up at WWDC this year to announce Visual Studio development for the iPhone all just seem a little crazy.  These all seem like empty rumors to me, plus I don’t think we’d see both Steve’s on the same stage unless Celebrity Deathmatch gets a second wind, which we can all agree, would be awesome.

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