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Palm Pre: New Hardware, New OS, New Game!

This is a really nice looking device! Granted I am a Windows Mobile Fan, but it is hard to deny that the Palm Pre cold be a hot ticket for Palm, and help them back into the Mobility Worlds good graces with their new Hardware and new operating system called webOS.

Even though the nice Glossy Black Finish gives me great fear of being the same finger print magnet as my AT&T Fuze, it still is a nice looking device. The Pre will sport a 3.1″ touchscreen and a slideout QWERTY keyboard. The rounded edges will make it easy to slide in and out of your pocket. Looking at the phone’s display, it appears that Palm’s new OS is using a thumb friendly row icons across the bottom that look to be very easy to swipe across.  The Pre will also come equipped with a 3.xx megapixel camera with and LED flash (Can you say HTorch anyone?)

If the Palm Pre sounds like your bad of tea, head on over to Engadget who has just posted a really nice “everything you ever wanted to know” about the Palm Pre with loads of pictures.

More to come on the Palm Pre so stay tuned!