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Appstock: Windows Phone 7 Marketplace surpasses 5,000?

According to Windows Phone Marketplace has now rocking 5,000 apps.  If you check the Zune marketplace you won’t get that number however.  Its actually closer to the 4,988 number but eh who’s counting.  The major point of the announcement and milestone is that the Windows Phone Marketplace is growing rapidly.  This has zero to do with the Android Army’s persistent need to churn out crapware to track down the App Store.  It has everything to do with developers finding it enjoyable to develop for the platform and a steady flow of new devices being activated weekly.  Yes I know its not 300K activations a day but progress is progress.   Going into 2011 i’ll make a not so bold prediction.  The Windows Phone Marketplace will grow at least 2,000 apps per month.  The question I have is will users be happy knowing that each and every month there will be 2,000 apps/games being hand delivered for your consumption and enjoyment?  Sound off with a comment and don’t be shy.  If it doesn’t do it for you let us know if it does, great.  Just free your mind and your voice will follow.

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