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Are You a Nut For Sports?

I can’t say I’m a sports nut (I’m pretty tired of touchdown dances, trash talk, and steroids), but the first thing I look at every day is how the Red Sox or the Patriots are doing (please no snarky comments from Yankees or Giants fans!).

But if you are one of those sports crazies who have their house painted in team colors and named your children Kobe, Peyton, and Tiger, or you’re just a regular guy (or gal, all two of you reading this post, one of whom is probably Bitbucket) who likes sports, then there’s a nifty little app called SportsNut from Leesoft and found at freewarepocketpc.

Here’s what it’s all about: SportsNut is a handy tool that consolidates multiple sports sites into one application. With SportsNut keeping up with your favorite team or sport is easy. Through simple menu options you can check the latest news, rankings and scores from popular sites such as ESPN, Fox Sports and Yahoo. Why hassle with typing in website addresses and fumbling through sites looking for the information you need? Let SportsNuts do the work for you. Your friends will be amazed how up to date you are. Note this version is optimized for the HTC Touch and other Touch Screen devices.