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Arnold Schwarzenegger Terminates A Microsoft Zune With a Tank

arnold-crushing-microsoft-zune This is a bizarre way to end a video but if you are Arnold Schwarzenegger then terminating things is right up your alley especially if you just went out and bought yourself a new tank. So after a messy public image by fathering a child with his housekeeper while married to Maria Shriver he has decided to get back to helping kids with a Charity event. Arnie is posting on his YouTube site that you can come to Los Angelus and crush cars with him and support  a great cause by registering at:

The charity is After-School-All-Stars and after you register and drop $10.00 you could be selected as the winner of:

  • You + 1 will fly to Los Angeles and spend the day with Arnold – you’ll ride in his tank together, crush something together, work out together, smoke cigars together – you’ll live like Arnold for a day!
  • Flight & hotel included for 2
  • Every entry supports After-School All-Stars

Perhaps Arnold was mad at Microsoft in some way or it is just he and the late Steve Jobs were buddies. They did create an organ transplant bill together in California. What ever the reason Arnold ends this 1:50 minute video by ending a poor Microsoft Zune’s already bleak future.

You have to wait to the end to see the untimely demise of the Microsoft Zune and the 1:46 mark and Arnie stating he didn’t even know what it was.

Thanks Jeremy!