Yes, this is really what I look like. So if you see me on the side of the road give me a ride!

Here is my first ask the reader post because Doug Simmons suggested that this would be a good one.

I am traveling to India on May on 3rd for about a month and half and my itinerary is Orlando to JFK airport and then I need to change airports and go the Newark airport in NJ to catch my next flight to India. So here is my question…. What is the best, easiest and cheapest way for me to get from JFK airport to the Newark airports. I need something that will take me directly from airport to airport because I don’t want to be switching trains or buses or whatever with my 50lb suitcase and my hand luggage and my back pack. So, shoot your suggestions in our comments as to what is the best way and cheapest way for me to get from JFK airport to Newark airport?


  1. Taxi. That is the worst itinerary I’ve ever heard of and you will hate your life on that day. Just kill yourself now… Why not fly to Newark directly and skip JFK?

  2. I was supposed to be doing something in new York near JFK so I was going to get a rental car but that plan got canceled and I don’t need a rental anymore and can’t change my tickets…

  3. @vikram:
    Tell you what – if you really look like that, I’ll give you a ride, but there are some conditions ;;-). Then again I’m guessing Simmons would give you a ride if you really look like that, sooo offer retracted lol

  4. A taxi would be less fun and probably even smellier than a mass transit adventure and much more expensive, also statistically on May 3rd around noon, according to Google, you’d end up spending more time in traffic than you would if you took mass transit.

    And you’d get some exercise.

  5. @Brev, I really do almost sort of look like that if it will make you give me a ride lol.

    @Doug, Oh hell no! I get enough exercise and I have plenty of time to kill so its ok if takes more time as along as it is more convenient.

  6. @Chris M: Should’ve clarified: they do fairly regular airport to airport service between JFK and Newark. I think they call it the Princeton shuttle.

  7. Even though I don’t know where you’re starting from, I can tell you it’s far less of a hassle to just had a livery cab take you where you need to go. With that being said, the cheapest way to go about this is still public transportation…

    If you don’t mind taking the subway, look at Mr. Windows reply above. When I’m traveling I hate using the subway so here is an alternative:

    – From JFK take the air train to Jamaica (Make sure you have a $5 *it may be 5.50 now, NJ’s is* pay-per-ride metrocard). – From Jamaica, buy a ticket to Penn Station (if the train arrives in Penn Station between 6-10AM, it’s a peak ticket). Go stand on the platform for tracks 2-3.**
    – From Penn Station, go upstairs to NJ Transit, buy a ticket for the South Amboy line (ask about this one, I’ve only done it once). Take it to the Newark Airport Station.
    -Get on the Airtrain (it’s $5.50). I forget which terminal is for international flights. Doesn’t really matter, it’s a 10 minute ride.

    **Bonus ball time: If you need to know the LIRR train schedules, text the station name that you’re at and the station name that you want to go to, to 266266.

    Example: Locust Valley to Penn Station.

    When they respond back, they will give you the next four trains for that schedule. If there is a “p” next to the time, it’s peak. “d” means delays (at least 6 minutes). Also, if your respond to the text with the letter that’s next to the time (i.e. A, B, C, D), they will reply with the details of the trip including the fair, if you have to transfer, etc.

    Hope it helps.


  8. @Chris M:

    So far this seems like the best option. The site that he sent me has a shuttle that goes from airport to airport directly for $31 and I found another company on the same site called goairportshuttle that does it for $28. So those are both not bad options.

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