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Ask the Readers: Am I in Warranty Trouble???

ya doin good maan aye?? This is how a local Bahamian asks you if you are doing well. Well, long story short I am currently in the Bahamas and my beloved HD2 decided to give me some problems. The problem started out of no where, I came home took my phone out of my pocket to check some email while I sitting on the can to save some time. So I sat down woke my phone up from sleep mode and tried to unlock my phone and I could not do it. My phone would not recognize my touch on the screen. I did not panic since this happens once in a while and I just pull the battery and put it back in and then it works fine once it reboots. I did this again this time and still same problem the phone would not recognize me touching the screen (indicating a problem with the digitizer). I do the battery pull and reinsert a few times getting more and more worried each and every time it started up. Soon I gave up and finished my business on the can and googled my issue, lots of people had the issue and only option was to send the phone to HTC or to fix the screen myself.

I quickly fire off an email to HTC to ask them to check my warranty status and I get back good news, I have warranty until September 16th, 2011. That is GOOD NEWS!!! but also bad news because my phone stopped working on September 14th, 2011 which was yesterday evening. I quickly called HTC and went through the RMA process  and I tell them that I am in the Bahamas and they tell me the closest repair center is in Texas and I have to mail my phone to them before the end of warranty expiration which is in two days. This is a problem, there is no way my phone will get to Texas from the Bahamas in one day without me paying an arm and a leg and even that is no guarantee since people here work on an island time and lifestyle. So the next best thing to do was to send my phone with a friend to Miami tomorrow and have him ship it from Maimi and it will get to HTC by Monday which is two days after my warranty expires.

Now do you think HTC will consider my device to be out of warranty since I sent it in two days late when I am out of the country? I still reported my problem within my warranty period and logged the case with them but shipping my device to them took me a little longer and due to circumstances out of my control. So do you think will HTC try to screw me over? Have any of you had this problem before?