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Ask the readers: How do you fax without a landline?

I have an HP All-in-one fax/scan/print device that I want to use for faxing. But, I gave up on landlines YEARS ago. So I went to the Simmons with this question via Beejive IM on my handy dandy iPad 2.  Here’s the chat:


me: Doug, have you ever set up a fax machine without a landline?

Doug: nope, and I generally try to sway people away from the whole faxing thing.

me: as do I

me: but my wife’s office offered to let her work from home as long as she can fax, but we don’t have a landline

me: I sure as hell don’t want to pay $45/month for one either

Doug: so that leaves you with some relaying service, no?

Doug: good ask the readers bit right here

me: yeah.. I’m going to try out magic jack as I’ve read a few people have had luck with it. If nothing works, I’m going to look into a landline

me: it has to be reliable

Doug: Ask the readers if a VoIP thing is sufficient for a fax, if one of these eFax outfits are “production” reliable or if you should just lay down for the landline. Just copy and paste this exchange you and i are having right here, including what I’m typing now, open up that live writer shit, copy paste, category ask the readers, publish, retrieve the answer in a way that benefits everyone

Doug: the sloppier, the more genuine it reads

Doug: smooth it out into the form of what an article ought to look like, you sterilize it

Doug: maybe add some obscenities

Doug: watch this.. “Mexicans”


So what do you think?  Do services that allow you to eFax work? Scanning and sending via email for a $5-20 monthly fee? Has anyone tried to fax via Magic Jack?  I’ve seen mixed reports since Magic Jack is a VoIP solution.  Or should I just suck it up and find a company that will be willing to sell me the right to use antiquated communication technologies for an enormous monthly fee?