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Assessing Apple’s 12-Point Why iPhone? Talking Points Part 1

Why iPhone? Because its an iPhone. That is pretty much the conversation that used to take place between someone using any device other than an iPhone and an iPhone user. For several years this was the norm but finally Android, led by Samsung and newer builds, has proven to have garnered so much mindshare that Apple has had to launch a defensive maneuver. They say the best defense is a good offense but faced with Android 4.2 and the quality hardware housing it Apple seems to lack very little of substance they can use to attack Android. The end result is a page of Apple’s past accomplishments framed as current superiorities. Lets take a look at each point and the weight each carries at this stage of the game.

#1 iPhone has received 8 Straight J.D. Power and Associates awards for customer satisfaction.
  • True. On the surface that would speak to Apple’s ability to deliver a pleasing user experience. Apple was indeed the first smartphone manufacturer who got the Keep It Simple Stupid mantra. iPhone users continue to cite their satisfaction and enjoyment with their iPhone.
#2 Every detail has been considered.
  • True. Then again the same can be said for every smartphone OEM. I’m pretty sure nobody is rubber stamping features (hardware & software) without extensive consideration given to the detail or feature. This is one of those universal truths that Apple likes to claim as a singular innovation originating from Cupertino.
#3 Only iPhone has the Retina display.
  • True. This is more marketing truth than a sign of technical superiority. Yes Apple leaped a generation ahead of the competition when they unveiled the Retina display. Today however the still beautiful Retina display has been completely surpassed with the introduction of 720p and 1080p screens. This is Apple’s attempt at betting that anyone interested in the iPhone isn’t interested in the fact HD screens are standard and that the well marketed Retina trademark will sway the consumer. Either way this has only served to set up the competition to attack Apple directly on this point.