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Real Boxing – New Content and Price Drop

Yep, today Real Boxing on iOS has just been updated with new content and bug fixes and the price has been dropped to only 99 cents.  I have to say the game looks great as far as graphics are concerned but I can’t say much about the gameplay as I don’t own an iPad but I’ve been thinking about getting one just to play games on..



The new version includes:

  • One new scenic arena, where boxers will fight under the snow, in Moscow’s Red Square
  • A perks system, so that fighters can specialize and improve even more techniques
  • Improved language support – French, German, Russian, Italian and Spanish 
  • Exclusive clothing for Season Pass customers 
  • Improved multiplayer connection
  • New purchasable options: unlock all perks, and maximize your skills

Some of the nasty bugs affecting the game have, of course, been fixed too.
To celebrate this update, Vivid Games is also offering a price drop to 0.99$/0.69£ for three days from Wednesday 19 December.
Information and screenshots are available at