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AT&T Affirms They’re Full of Shit to FCC, Public

Did you know that AT&T has fewer customers and more spectrum than Verizon? Can you believe that shit? More spectrum, more revenue, fewer customers, far worse performance. Assholes.

Anyway, AT&T accidentally revealed yesterday, on the FCC website of all places, compelling evidence of the following which is spelled out for you by my man Karl Bode so if this gets you all fired up you may want to read the whole thing over at DSLReports. Hey, DSLReports, I used to use those guys all the time to determine just how shitty AT&T was performing before I bailed the hell out.

Regardless of the motivation behind rejecting 97% LTE deployment, the letter proves AT&T’s claim they need T-Mobile to improve LTE coverage from 80-97% simply isn’t true. That’s a huge problem for AT&T, since nearly every politician and non-profit that has voiced support for the merger did so based largely on this buildout promise. It’s also a problem when it comes to the DOJ review, since proof that AT&T could complete their LTE build for far less than the cost of this deal means the deal doesn’t meet the DOJ’s standard for merger-specific benefits.