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AT&T announces the HTC Vivid and 4G LTE locations

htc-att-vivad-android-smartphoneAT&T has just announced the newest Android hot rod to join their ranks made by HTC. Called the Vivid, the monster 4.5 qHD inch screen will pack a 1.2 GHz processor to make use of AT&T’s 4G LTE speeds. So you say when is AT&T going to get LTE? In the announcement this morning, the Vivid will launch on November the 6th and coincide with AT&T’s LTE launch that will happen in Boston, Washington, D.C., Baltimore, Indianapolis and Athens, Georgia. So not only will you have the “other” 4G HSPA+, but now LTE in a few locations as AT&T ramps up this service.

The Vivid is a beast and you already know the remaining specs, 8mp shooter, 1080p video, yeah you know where this is going. The camera will record 60fps and even comes with a HTC movie editor. The cool thing about the AT&T LTE phones is the $100.00 discount you get apposed to buying a Verizon LTE device which starts at $299.99 both of course with two year contracts.

Head down to AT&T and grab yours November 6th.