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AT&T could get two flavors of Samsung Galaxy S II goodness?

As you may have read this morning, AT&T has had some leakage problems and the much hoped for Samsung Galaxy S II was pictured in the wild. The only thing was this was not the same SGS2 that we all have come to know and love that is basically taking Europe and Korea by storm selling more than 3 million units in 55 days and even out selling the Apple iPhone. The AT&T version would have a slide out keyboard. While the keyboard looked good enough with a few minor issues of a home key missing and an unnecessary search key (thanks gaiden2k7), the added bulk to the super sexy slim 8.49mm non keyboard device seemed senseless. Now don’t get me wrong, we were still diggin’ the device overall, but could not figure out (as usual) why AT&T has to screw with everything and not just launch a device the way the manufacture made the damn thing. So that was this morning.

This evening we have a leaked picture of what could be a second version coming to the Death Star and it does not sport a slide out keyboard! No, AT&T is bringing sexy back with a non slide out keyboard version. Wadda what? According to a tipster for Android Central who also supplied a picture, AT&T is testing the non slide out keyboard as well. They seem pretty confident in their tipster and their respecting their source blocking out some of the image makes me have some more confidence in this rumor. But I still have that nagging doubt that AT&T would launch two versions. With the Atrix, Inspire, and the Infuse, bringing on the SGS2 would certainly give AT&T a very solid Android lineup indeed, so let’s hope and wait that AT&T brings one or both of these version to market soon!

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