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AT&T faster by a “Wide Margin”

According to AT&T and a “comprehensive third-party drive test” conducted by Global Wireless Solutions (GWS), AT&T is the Fastest Mobile Broadband Carrier in the US. According to GWS, they downloaded a 45-minute (40mb) album from all carriers and AT&T was on average one minute faster than the next fastest competitor, which in this case by their color coded graph can only mean T-Mobile. The T-Mobile speed, which AT&T says is 20% slower than theirs, faired much better than Sprint and Verizon who averaged 55% and 60% slower. AT&T also takes a swing at Verizon by saying that the same album would take on average, more than two-and-a-half minutes longer (Bold in Red Lettering: Hmmm Verizon?) to download on AT&T’s largest competitor’s network, under the same circumstances.

With AT&T behind the marketing curve without any 4G branding, this would seem to help them as T-Mobile is hot and heavy with the myTouch 4G advertising claiming that they can video call over their network where AT&T’s Facetime on the iPhone is limited to WiFi only. Sprint also has a line of devices branded 4G to better secure their place as a fast network, enter the Epic and EVO 4G for example. 

I guess AT&T didn’t like the latest T-Mobile myTouch 4G commercials huh?

You can read the full AT&T Press Release: (CLICK HERE)