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TP2 TF3D Port ‘All Contacts’ Fixed

The XBMod team has just released a patch which resolves the ‘all people’ issue that used to cause a crash in TF3D (they are now at Beta 1B). So, now when you go to ‘all contacts’ TF3D no longer restarts so for me I now feel that there is a stable version of TF3D ported from the Touch Pro 2 that is faster and has more options than the stock TF3D had. The fix should be installed after TP2 TF3D is installed and you should turn off TF3D and install the cab which is located here.  They have also resolved the ‘no SIM card found’ issue that was applicable to CDMA users as well as the weather tab issues. The current known bugs are listed as follows:

-rearrange tab landscape
-scroll Internet Tab
-all stocks scroll portrait & landscape width
-Calendar scroll
-sms screen scroll
-landscape people (really soon) only size bug

There are some other minor resizing issues but they have no impact on stability and are only a slight visual nuisance. Personally, I think this is a great replacement for the stock TF3D and while there are still some bugs overall this is extraordinarily impressive but I’m still only recommending this for advanced users.

Fixes keep coming out but I just want to clarify what my ‘obsession’ is with the TP2 porting that’s been going on (we’ve probably had over a dozen articles on the various apps that have been ported). Once all of the porting is done then the difference between the Touch Pro and the Touch Pro 2 will only be a hardware issue – a personal preference of screen size without a dpad versus a smaller screen size with a dpad (and the better speaker system of the TP2 and a flash for the Touch Pro). In the end the software is lining up to be almost identical for the Touch Pro and the Touch Pro 2 so really form factor comes into play a lot more. So this has really extended the life of our new devices which seemed destined to be obsolete the day the TP2 was announced.

We’ll continue to update you on major upgrades to TP2 porting (including the TF3D porting) and of course, please share your results with the community and continue to support the XBMod team