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AT&T Fuze Internet Sharing (Tethering) Revisited

tether Back in November Doug posted a great step by step guide to setting up internet sharing on your Fuze. This trick is intended to let you use the 3G data connection of your Fuze to get internet onto your PC/laptop without signing up for the expensive plans AT&T provides. Well the other day my cable was down so I reviewed the step-by-step and realized that it was something I could turn into a cab for everyone so it wasn’t a manual process. So, here’s the new step-by-step:

Install the cab provided in the first post here. Now connect your Fuze to your PC over USB and when the connection popup occurs you need to choose Internet Sharing – the bottom option (if you don’t get that popup go to Settings – Connections – USBtoPC and check the box at the bottom to ask you for the type of connection). Once connected open up the Internet Sharing on your Fuze in your Start – Programs directory and change the drop down box to MediaNet and press the left soft key connect’. That’s all there is to it.

By the way, Anudeep tested this and found out that his custom ROM could now connect to his PC over ActiveSync so the registry value changed was the problem and the solution so if you cannot connect using a custom ROM you may get an added benefit from this. The cab is little more than a replacement for an existing registry value that works to make it act like it is deleted (it’s a garbage value to trick your phone).

As you know, we’re not advising you to tether or assuring you that AT&T will not charge you for excessive use of tethering. Technically, you need to pay to tether your Fuze but many people who use tethering infrequently have found that doing this non-abusively tends to go unnoticed.