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AT&T Getting Ready To Launch The Atrix 3

With Samsung stealing a lot of Android Thunder these days with the Galaxy S III there are still other options for Android fans from the likes of Motorola. Slated to get a third upgrade from the original, the Atrix 3 heading to AT&T has been spotted  on . It looks like we could see the Atrix 3 in July and could mirror  the DROID RAZR HD which the Atrix 3 is a version of. The leaked image has MotoBlur on it and will sport Android 4.0 behind it.

The Atrix 3 has already cleared the FCC and has been referred to as the Qinara. Even though AT&T has never been as strong as Verizon with Android, they will have the two top devices from two of the top OEMS. The Samsung Galaxy S III and the Motorola Atrix 3 (DROID RAZR HD). Stay tuned.