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Inertia: Escape Velocity Comes to IOS and Android Today

Looks like a good day to release games, I’ve got a couple more posts coming as well about them. This one I have now is called Inertia: Escape Velocity and it’s not free, it’s $1.99 for phones and $3.99 for tablets, both Android and iOS. The game is a physics based platformer where you float, glide and bounce around deep space environments. There are free versions to try the game out before you buy it.

Hermes’ ship has crashed in a spaceship junkyard and the deep space salvager must don his anti-gravity suit and collect enough space debris to get home. Launching today, Inertia: Escape Velocity is the first mobile game for touch devices from independent developer Red Fly Studio and will put players into Hermes’ anti-gravity boots. This physics-based platformer will present players with challenging levels to master using a unique anti-gravity mechanic – by manipulating gravity, navigating force fields, and overcoming other obstacles, players will help Hermes collect enough space debris to fix his ship. Download Inertia: Escape Velocity today in the App Store and Android Market for $1.99 ($3.99 on iPad and Android tablets).

Features of Inertia: Escape Velocity include:

Physics-based platformer: employ a unique anti-gravity element to float, glide, and bounce around deep space environments to collect space junk for ship repair and to unlock new planets.
Console gameplay on mobile devices: with high-quality graphics, intense and challenging levels, and a unique gameplay mechanic, core gamers will appreciate a console gaming experience on a portable platform.
Control settings: the game uses on-screen controls for movement, jumping, and gravity control, but players can also opt to use challenging “tilt” controls that turn the entire device into the controller.
Inferno levels: for even more of a challenge, players can try their hand at these high-difficulty versions of each level.

Inertia: Escape Velocity is the spiritual successor to the award-winning student project Inertia. Created by students out of Southern Methodist University’s game development program (known as the The Guildhall at SMU), Inertia was awarded the Grand Prize for non-commercial games in the 2011 Indie Game Challenge this past February, even beating out indie hit Limbo in the Gamer’s Choice category. With the creators of the original Inertia now part of the development team at Red Fly Studio, a percentage of proceeds from the sale of Inertia: Escape Velocity will be donated to The Guildhall at SMU.

Be sure to check out the debut trailer for Inertia: Escape Velocity at For more information and to play the demo please visit

Inertia: Escape Velocity is available now for download:
• iOS SD (iPhone and iPod Touch):
• iOS HD (iPad):

Android Phone:

Android Tablet: