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I hate you Flappy Bird!

I know many of you get sick of me bragging on OtterBox Defender cases but yesterday it saved me money once again when it saved my son’s iPad from utter destruction! Out of the corner of my eye I heard a 10 year old lose his mind in rage and hurl his iPad across the room and onto the couch where it fell off and hit the floor! I am fairly certain that a naked or unprotected iPad would have never have survived this abuse. What caused his fit of rage? Did he sneak some coffee while we weren’t looking? Was he tormented from having to suffer through the Bachelor gets married on national TV? Too much Mountain Dew? NO! None of these. It’s all because of a game called Flappy Birds! Let me say also that:


It is one of the most simplistic games that you could ever download and yet it is one of the most frustrating at the same time. It’s easy, or so you  would think. All you have to do is touch the screen anywhere and it will cause this damn little bird to flap (flappy) his wings one beat and get one measure of lift. If you don’t repeatedly tap the screen he will fall to his certain demise. Easy right? Wrong. Then you have to navigate the little pecker head through a maze of pipes. Each time you pass a pipe you get a pipe. The pipes are staggered in height so you have to fly up or down to navigate the little bird brain through the openings. That’s it. That’s all there is to it. (insert vulgarity here)

The game is free on Google Play and the App Store if you are fruit loving masochist. There ads littered around and beware noticing the babe who is fully (choke) endowed in a couples meeting ad or something. It can be quite distracting. The other ad that has caused me a lot of grief is three eyeballs looking back at me. WTF? Anyway, download the game if you have massive amounts of free time and some need to test your patience.

BTW, I did not punish my son for hurling his iPad. I felt the same urge as he did. He got a get out of jail card this time for sitting through watching the Bachelor with his Mother and Sister.

Get it: Google Plus or App Store