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AT&T Launches ‘AT&T Alerts’ to Further Track You and Give You Meaningless Offers

Ah, just joking… or am I? Yes AT&T has just announced ‘AT&T Alerts’ which is in beta right now but you can join now. Personally no I don’t think so, I don’t need or want someone else tracking me more than they already do. What are AT&T Alerts? Well they track you via geo-location and give you special offers from places near your location. So basically you’ll be driving by the mall and you’ll get a text message letting you know that the Gap (or whatever) has something on sale you might want. yeah I’ll pass on this but if you’re interested AT&T is offering you a special $5 off of any $10+ purchase on the AT&T store when you sign up for AT&T Alerts.. oh and you can’t get it if you own and iPhone 5…


(yeah that picture is right from the AT&T Alerts site… guess they’re trying to say this service is something for women…)


Tired of sifting through coupons, surfing the web for discount codes, and getting bogged down by daily deal emails?  AT&T Alerts, an innovative new service from AT&T*, can proactively deliver offers straight to AT&T wireless customers’ phones–when and where they need them most.

Today, AT&T announced the launch of AT&T Alerts, a free opt-in, location-based text messaging alerts service that allows AT&T wireless customers nationwide to save money with relevant offers from nearby retailers on their mobile phones. AT&T Alerts uses geo-location technology and consumer preferences to deliver offers and rewards, without having to download an application.

How It Works

AT&T wireless customers text “JOIN” to ATTAlerts (288253787) to opt-in to the service and begin receiving discounts, rewards and offers via text message when they are near participating retailers and brands such as Gap, Staples, Zales, Last Call by Neiman Marcus, Duracell, Motorola, Discover, and many more. Customers can customize offer preferences and settings to receive offers most relevant to them by visiting . Text messages to and from AT&T Alerts are free. As an added bonus, customers who sign-up for AT&T Alerts will receive $5 off with a $10 minimum purchase at**.

AT&T wireless customers can visit to sign-up and learn more, or text “JOIN” to ATTAlerts (288253787) from their AT&T wireless phones.***

*AT&T products and services are provided or offered by subsidiaries and affiliates of AT&T Inc. under the AT&T brand and not by AT&T Inc.

** $5 off certain accessories at, $10 minimum purchase, see for details

*** AT&T Alerts is not currently available for iPhone 5