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AT&T makes good on threat and imposes throttling

We all knew it was coming and AT&T finally made good on it’s threat to throttle excessive unlimited data users. Claiming that it is only the top 5% of all data users that may be affected, but of those 5%, not all will necessarily be throttled with data speed decreases as it depends on their network and if it needs to be throttled to lessen the load on the network. Imposing these data speed handcuffs on users who exceed 2gb of data per month, AT&T has felt the wrath of users much like they will get from this article. The problem is not in some owners who have professed to using over 10gbs or more per month, something I can do quite easily while traveling on business. The problem is that the threshold AT&T has set forth is a meager 2gb! This is incredibly low and even challenges power users who do not stream data! For example, my wife is a facebook-o-haulic. She does not stream Netflix, or Pandora. Emails, Texting, QVC, and TONS of Facebook including massive amounts of Zynga games. She exceeded 2gbs on our 2gb plan and forced us another $10.00 expense. Another Death Star customer Mike Trang told the AP:

…that as a top data consumer, download speeds on his phone slowed from a few seconds to upwards of two minutes for average web pages, rendering his phone “basically useless” until the billing cycle regenerates.

To further confuse the issue of who is going over the limit and causing the most problems, Data subscribers of the AT&T 3gb plan for the same rate of $30 as unlimited plan users will not be throttled, it is just the unlimited plan users who will get throttled at 1.5-2gbs! We have all heard that other US Carriers like Sprint are in the midst of phasing out their unlimited plans too, but let’s hope that they phase it out in a way that makes more sense than AT&T.

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